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Princess 118000 Tortilla Svart, Rostfritt stål 1300 W

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Princess 118000, Tortilla, Svart, Rostfritt stål, 30 min, 1300 W, 220-240 V, 374 mm
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The traditional tortilla is a classic dish from Spain. The irresistible combination of potatoes, onion and eggs is not only a delicious dinner on weekdays but also great for lunch. To bake a real, fluffy Spanish tortilla (which means omelet in Spanish), it is very important that the tortilla gets heated both from below and above. The Princess 118000 Tortilla Chef is specifically designed to prepare the best tortilla and, thanks to the two baking surfaces, also perfect for Mexican tortillas, meat and vegetables, and even apple pie.

Twist and Turn technology
The Princess Tortilla Chef has a deep and a flat baking surface, specifically designed to get that extra crispy crust which is the best part of a tortilla. First you bake the potatoes and onions on the deep side, add the egg and close the Tortilla Chef. Halfway you can rotate the baking plate 180 degrees without any spillage. This will add even more crispiness to the surface of the tortilla and ensures a crispy crust.

Prepare pizza and stir-fries
Not only is the Princess Tortilla Chef suitable for tortillas, you can also bake the best pizzas in it. Place the pizza dough in the deep side and add your choice of toppings. Close the Tortilla Chef and let the pizza bake to a crispy treat. You can also open up the Tortilla Chef and use it as a family-style table grill. Or prepare a meat sauce with beans and corn in the deep side and heat up Mexican tortillas on the flat side.

High quality non-stick coating
The high quality, non-stick coating requires you to use less oil or fat while baking a Spanish tortilla. This extra smooth coating ensures nothing sticks or burns, so you can cook even healthier and the taste will be just as good. The non-stick coating also ensures the typical golden crust that everybody loves.

Vertical storage
The Princess Tortilla Chef has a handy locking mechanism that makes turning the baking plate safe and also makes it easy to store the grill vertically. You can find the timer on the base of the grill, so you can set the baking time from 1 up to 30 minutes and, when it has finished baking, it will shut down automatically. Cleaning can be done by wiping down the baking plates with a kitchen towel or moist cloth.

What’s in the box:
Princess Tortilla Chef, instruction manual

Reasons to choose the Princess Tortilla Chef:

  • Make perfectly crispy and crusted Spanish tortillas with potato, onion and egg anytime
  • Convenient Twist and Turn technology to make flipping tortillas easy and to ensure no spillage
  • Prepare crunchy pizzas, Mexican tortillas, stir-fries and use as a table grill
  • Healthier cooking thanks to the high quality, non-stick coating that requires little to no oil or butter
  • Easy to store vertically with the locking mechanism and also an eyecatcher if kept on your kitchen counter